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Achieving 4K UHD DATV- very draft

Achieving 4K UHD DATV- very draftPerhaps a little early, but 4K DATV may be more achievable than I first thought. It would be a bit of a technological coup if amateur radio can do 4K before regular free-to-air broadcast TV. 4K video cameras and monitors are already relatively inexpensive. 4K TV capture/switchers are available and not too expensive. The missing link are modulators, transmitters and receivers, but may be possible using inexpensive SDR TRX; they can already do DVB-T/S.

As far as I am aware, broadcast TV is still struggling with Full HD digital TV in some countries, notably the USA with a very large number of small TV stations and the not insignificant cost of having to replace virtually everything, other than their antenna. I suspect the same across some of Europe and Asia. For both terrestrial and satellite, while they may have digital TV, most of it is SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition 720p), rather than wide-screen Full HD (1080i; wish it was 1080p).


My journey in DATV and the future: 4K UHD or internet-linked DATV repeaters; Not that crazy? Draft

My journey in DATV and the future: 4K UHD or internet-linked DATV repeaters; Not that crazy? DraftIn this post I want to briefly outline my DATV journey and a quest for Full HD DVB-T. I have achieved this in a relatively short time and out of some of my difficulties, have wondered if first, 4K UHD DATV and, second, network-linked DATV repeaters, are possibly not that distant.

In this post I will outline my journey, as the future is path dependent, history matters! In the following two posts I will consider ways to achieve 4K UHD and internet-linked DATV repeaters.

My DATV journey: Live Full HD DVB-TPersonally, coming late to DATV at the beginning of 2013, with a 40 year break in my amateur radio activities (see my first post), I have not had to put in the extreme effort and expense of either analogue TV or digital TV, particularly over the last decade, such as by the DATV Express team, among many others.

Before returning to amateur radio I had spent considerable time and money on home c…