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Perfect Home Theatre finally: Nvidia Shield, PLEX, SiliconDust tuner

Finally, a home theatre system that does everything and only one remote. I have been playing with home theatre and music for about 50 years and finally have a system that does everything I want without switching between multiple boxes and many remotes.

I can watch live TV, stream commercial services like Netflix, Prime or Stan, stream my own movie, TV show, music and photo content, watch catch up TV, such as ABC iview, SBS on demand and many others, and casting from IOS devices.

The system uses the TV/projector as an HDMI monitor and a theatre amplifier for sound making it easy to replicate across two systems, one in the lounge and the other in the sunroom. As such, both have the same interface, getting around the nightmare of different interfaces to remember.
The main hardware of the system: 4K Nvidia Shield TV Android media streamer.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect Duo/Quattro network free to air dual/quad TV tuner, DVB-T and most other standards.

CB UHF & VHF repeater

RF Technology Eclipse VHF repeater and UHF power amplifiers
Old, pre-2000, but still in use and in business. Expensive on eBay

Documentation is available from the RF Technology website and the Repeater Builder website
An old version of programming software at Repeater Builder. The new version on RF Technology won't download. Will email.

Motorola/Spectra MX800/MX1500
programmable narrow and wideband

P25 repeater may do analog narrow band. software and documents.   technical details, very good, manuals and MXtools software all radios software, seems old.