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DVB-T ATV UT100C Getting there: Transmitting video files , getting constellation diagrams

I have had success with transmitting video files, both test and HDMI ones I have captured off my camcorder via a Avermedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Pro PCI-E card. It all works as intended at full frame rate.

The UT100C works well with files, even Full HD. Dongle at 1mW to rabbit's ears antenna, received off main house TV antenna.

There is new software for the UT100C at

I was using Windows 8 but swapped back to Windows 7. Not sure it makes much difference as there is now a signed Windows 8 driver.

Some receiver screenshots:

The image and channel properties at 16QAM. TV receiver software is ProgDVB. It works, its free, its been around a long time.

The 16QAM constellation diagram from Crazyscan2 with TBS 6220.  (I think this is very neat! All praise crazycat69!)

Re-transmitted at 64QAM as per Australian DVB-T standard.

The band scan showing my strong signal and the FTA stations further up the band. I should do the same with my B…

Improvised DVB-T test instrumentation

Improvised DVB-T test instrumentation

My last post was on snooping on DVB-S signals from satellites. I found some useful software to do that, Crazyscan and Blindscan. However, the author of Crazyscan also wrote Crazyscan 2 for DVB-T but needs specific TV hardware:

I ordered a TBS 6220 (DVB-T) (~$100) as well a TBS 6925 (DVB-S) (~$300), both pci-e cards, direct from the manufacturer . With courier delivery, they arrived within a week.

Setting up the TBS 6220 is straight forward and works well as a TV card with DreamTV; mainly to confirm that the device works. I put both cards in and software for both, but things got messy. Removing the TBS-6925 and its software, including auto start programs, fixed everything. I need to walk before I run.

My interest is with Crazyscan2. Setting it up is easy, just putting all the needed files in the same directory.

The result is amazing: a scan over 1 GHz at 1 MHz increments, albeit f…