Running Apple macOS Mojave in a Virtual Machine on Windows 10

Running Apple macOS Mojave in a Virtual Machine on Windows 10 Over the decades I have managed to get a number of "Hackintoshes" going on PC hardware. I recently had some interest in having an Apple Mac again and have discovered that it is relatively easy to do it as a virtual machine under Windows. The procedure uses Oracle's Virtualbox and some tweaks.
Initial install The procedure to get the basic macOS going that I used (Nov 2019):

Summary of the procedure: Install Virtualbox. Download a prepared image and use that within Virtualbox along with some settings. Execute some Command Processor lines; just cut and paste from the article. The Virtualbox USB routines referred to in the article need to be installed. Boot macOS and set it up. This gives a working Mac. Restart after install and again if there are any errors.  Enter your AppleID in the Appstore. The main problem is a low display resolution but that i…

Live video for DATV or streaming

Live video for amateur TV or streaming (local or internet) has progressed considerably since I last looked a few years ago. The big change is NewTek's NDI, an open standard for video streaming released in about 2015?. NDI is for fast streaming video over ordinary wired or wireless networks with little lag and compression of a variety of devices and operating systems at relatively low cost.

Newtek NDI software  All Newtek software without having to request it.

NewTek NDI Camera Apple or Android app Turns an Apple or Android mobile device camera into an NDI source. $20 for app but can be used on multiple devices connected to same Apple/Android account. I have tried it with an iPhone and iPad and it works very well. Very good camera and image quality. As for low-cost cameras, an old iPhone with no sim card and possibly an iPod Touch may be an option, costing maybe a couple of hundred dollars. This is quite reasonable for a full HD clean…

Telstra EasyMesh router and WiFi extender; wired network switches too.

Introduction We have moved to a two-story house with no network cabling. I need both full wifi coverage and wired network for the devices that don't have wifi. The solution is remarkably simple, the new Telstra EasyMesh router gen 2 and WiFi extender gen 2, with wired switches connected to either or both the router and extender. Using the WiFi Easymesh extender with a network switch attached allows non-wifi devices to connect to the router via wifi. A very neat solution.

Easymesh Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ is a new WiFi standard for mesh wifi available in 2019. Previously, mesh wifi was proprietary, not standardised. Telstra is one of the first to offer Easymesh devices in the world. Easymesh consists of a router and multiple extenders (access points or boosters), up to 4 with Telstra, that share the same wifi name and auto-switch between the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi bands.

Wired switches too! Not obviously documented, but I discovered…

Perfect Home Theatre finally: Nvidia Shield, PLEX, SiliconDust tuner

Finally, a home theatre system that does everything and only one remote. I have been playing with home theatre and music for about 50 years and finally have a system that does everything I want without switching between multiple boxes and many remotes.

I can watch live TV, stream commercial services like Netflix, Prime or Stan, stream my own movie, TV show, music and photo content, watch catch up TV, such as ABC iview, SBS on demand and many others, and casting from IOS devices.

The system uses the TV/projector as an HDMI monitor and a theatre amplifier for sound making it easy to replicate across two systems, one in the lounge and the other in the sunroom. As such, both have the same interface, getting around the nightmare of different interfaces to remember.
The main hardware of the system: 4K Nvidia Shield TV Android media streamer.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect Duo/Quattro network free to air dual/quad TV tuner, DVB-T and most other standards.

CB UHF & VHF repeater

RF Technology Eclipse VHF repeater and UHF power amplifiers
Old, pre-2000, but still in use and in business. Expensive on eBay

Documentation is available from the RF Technology website and the Repeater Builder website
An old version of programming software at Repeater Builder. The new version on RF Technology won't download. Will email.

Motorola/Spectra MX800/MX1500
programmable narrow and wideband

P25 repeater may do analog narrow band. software and documents.   technical details, very good, manuals and MXtools software all radios software, seems old.

Agilent 89640 RF VSA (dc to 2.7 GHz) Vector Signal Analyser

Agilent 89640 RF VSA (dc to 2.7 GHz) VXI Vector Signal Analyser

89640 RF VSA (dc to 2.7 GHz) comprises:
E8491B IEEE-1394 PC Link to VXI, C-Size (FireWire)
89605B RF Input and Calibration Module
E1439A 95 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP, Memory and 70MHz IF input
E2730A 20-2700 MHz RF Tuner
E8408A 4-Slot VXI Mainframe

Vector Signal Analysis: Agilent 89600 VSA software and E4406A Vector Signal Analyser

Vector Signal Analysis: Agilent 89600 VSA software and E4406A Vector Signal Analyser

A very powerful test equipment resource is available with the older versions of the Agilent 89600 Vector Signal Analysis software combined with the E4406A Signal Analyser hardware for DATV and other amateur radio.

Version 12 of the Agilent 89600 software is the last that will work with the E4406A hardware. It, and earlier versions, can be accessed at:


The last version of the 89600 software that will work with the

Registry edits for version 10 to 12 to work with E4406A

For 89601B versions

Firmware updates E44…