Decontis dtvtools DVB-T/S measurement, analysis and monitoring software

Decontis dtvtools DVB-T/S measurement, analysis and monitoring software (draft) 


There has been a lack of good DVB-T monitoring software for both TX monitoring and RX measurement, unlike DVB-S that has Tutioune. I came across a commercial grade package from decontis that is relative inexpensive and uses a cheap USB-T dongle. While comprehensive, it is not particularly easy to use, but is network-based. I have managed to get it going and plan to use it for TX power amplifier modification and monitoring. My favorite element is a proper constellation chart.

Other software and hardware

The available DVB-T measurement, analysis and monitoring software is limited. CrazyScan2 for terrestrial/cable DVB-tuners uses PCTV USB tuner. The other alternative is to use a TV tuner, which gives MER and BER, but not constellation diagrams. A standalone TV installer instrument can be used, but good ones are expensive. Professional equipment is very expensive.

For DVB-S there is the excellent Tutioune;


Decontis dtvtools is an excellent DVB analysis and monitoring software package. It is available for DVB-T, DVB-S and others. It is complex, commercial grade software but relatively inexpensive.

The DVB-T bundle, comprising SAMalyzer, SAMcorder, SAMitor, SAMbuddy-RF, SAManalog, SAMager-Agent, and SAMrack, is shareware and 50 € to buy. It is amazing value.

There is virtually nothing on the web on how to use it. A non-English YouTube is helpful.

There are manuals for each module but none are particularly useful for setting the package up for first time use.

The sequence to use it is to install everything and connect a supported TV tuner. Start SAMcorder, use default settings and read the manual, scan your local TV stations and select one frequency. Use IP stream as output. Starting services will bring up another SAM window, select one frequency/stream, open to show channels. Clicking a channel will bring up SAMitor and the TV picture. Start SAMbuddy-RF and open both links to start analysis. Click constellation and start it to give constellation diagram. Then sit back in awe if it all works!

Use other components as desired, it helps to read the manual as it is complex software.


The software is limited by the tuner in terms of bandwidth. My interest is high quality DATV on 70cm and can use 7 MHz. I use a PCTV TripleStick 292e USB that can do 6, 7, and 8 MHz. Generally, dtvtools only supports tuners which support Microsoft DirectX BDA technology.

It is possible that the HiDes RX dongles might work as they are BDA. I quickly tried an old UT-100D with no success, but I am fairly sure it was the wrong driver. It unsuccessfully scans the device. I will investigate further later.

The software is available as a DVB-S bundle. I haven't tried it. It is hard to beat Tutioune hardware and software.

SAMcorder has an ASI input and a IP stream output which may be of interest to some.

TV Tuner

For compatible tuners see p6 of SAMbuddy-RF. Others may work. Generally, dtvtools only supports tuners which support Microsoft DirectX BDA technology.

I use a PCTV TripleStick 292e USB. It is a pretty amazing device, like most tuners, a SDR frontend.

Silicon Labs Si2157 tuner