LimeSDR running DATV Express DVB-S TX software

LimeSDR running DATV Express DVB-S TX software (1st draft)

With the MiniTioune DVB-S RX, I have begun trying different TX using DATV Express software under Windows 10. The logical first hardware would be the DATV Express hardware TX, but having shifted rooms in the house, I have not been able to find; I know exactly where it was in the other room!

The LimeSDR is a popular recent SDR dual duplex transceiver by Lime Microsystems using a new version of their own chip. Cost is about US$250, but they have just announced a mini version for about US$150. It replaces the popular BladeRF; I sold mine to by the new model.

DATV Express TX software is available for the LimeSDR; ( . It worked well without any hitches on 23 cm, with both TX and RX running on the same computer. I am currently using my main PC, but will move it to my fast Dell laptop for project work. With all the test gear, its a real kitchen table job. I might try the table in my new room, just need to tidy it!

One of the purposes of running  DVB-S is to compare power measurement techniques with it and with DVB-T. I have discussed power measurement of wide TV signals in earlier posts.

Another purpose is to investigate cavity notch filters with DVB-S as it seems to have problems with "spread" when the power amplifier is driven too hard. I have done some work with cavity filters and DVB-T, see earlier posts.

More photos when I get it running on my laptop.