BladeRF with SDR-Console- Sceenshots (draft)

BladeRF with SDR-Console- Sceenshots (draft)

Just a quick post of some screen shots of the brilliant BladeRF running on the equally impressive SDR-Console by Simon Brown to show cababilities of both and the noy-surprising heavy load on an i5 2500K processor.

Free to air TV channel, 7 MHz wide with BladeRF running 30 MHz bandwidth

Same signal but one edge with 150 kHz bandwidth to show detail

Machine performance with 30 MHz bandwidth, CPU @ 67 C and fan whizzing. Ran like this for 20 hours, so all quite stable.


CPU load with some interesting signals. Reported stuttering is probably not a fast enough CPU. 30 MHz at 12 bit resolution would push anything.

Plan to try it on Windows 8 machine. Reported problems may be due to Windows  8 not accepting (or telling you) unsigned drivers. Such can be loaded in special restart mode.