First IF tap IC-7410- Circuits and further notes

I have added some notes and portions of the circuit and block diagram to my post on a 1st IF tap on my IC-7410.

Further, the design of the 7410 suggests it is a hydrid software defined receiver (SDR), as modulation/demodulation, noise control and the main filtering for different modes, are all done in a firmware-programmed digital signal processor. I bought the 7410 as it seemed the most advanced design of the available TRX in my price range. It is more so than I first thought.

In reading the circuit diagram, I wonder if it is possible to tap where the Rx and Tx separate from the shared antenna. If there is such a point, the sdr and TRX Rx may be able to share an antenna at the frontend of the TRX and operate as two separate Rx.