UT-100C new drivers and software, ATV? DVB-T Repeater, Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro capture card

DVB-T, UT-100C new drivers and software, DVB-T Repeater

UT-100C new drivers and software

There are new drivers and software for the UT-100 series devices from Hides/ITE:


I have yet to try them, but they are meant to fix compatibilities with Windows 8 and 8.1, possibly the unsigned driver problem, and more fixes to the PC2TV. I have yet to try them out.

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro capture card

I have had trouble getting PC2TV to work but have been concentrating on the video source end. I want to be able to transmit digital video, not analogue (composite or S-video). PC2TV worked with my laptop webcam straight off, so I have been trying to get HDMI video to work.

I want to be able to do amateur QSOs with real-time video and audio at high definition; the state of the art. As is noted later in this post, a repeater will assist this.

I bought a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro PCI-E capture card (AU$249). It seems to work much better than the Avermedia card I was using and can capture HDMI video directly from the Canon camcorder I am using as a camera.  http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/au/products/intensity I might have another go at using my Canon 650D for HDMI video. It can capture analogue video as well. I think it does the format conversion in hardware, but not sure yet.

The Blackmagic makes innovative pro TV and cine gear. It is worth looking at their site. The make a full HD video camera that uses SLR-D lenses for about $1000; very neat. They also do 2k and 4k versions for serious film makers. It is worth having a look at their site.

Hides BR100E ATV? DVB-T Repeater

There is more information available about the Hides BR100E DVB-T Repeater. See the link for details: http://www.hides.com.tw/product_BR100e_eng.html. It is a bargain at US$239. I have ordered one and will report on its abilities. http://www.idealez.com/tmresources/store/332635/HV-100E_100J_SPEC-20131217_LITE.pdf

Initially it was unclear if it was able to function as an amateur repeater, in terms of transmitting call sign on both video and audio. It has the feature to do this. It will play any .TS file when not acting as a repeater. All that is needed is to make a recording to do this in accord with the appropriate spectrum management authority standard.

Getting information on the Hides gear is a bit of a problem. Amateur radio is not their primary market, but they do encourage and cater for it. The most up to up to date site for using their gear seems to be a German forum http://www.oe7forum.at/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=410&sid=d5d4eb347494f3db3bd0a11428cb1f5c. While I generally use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome seems to be better at translating sites into English.