HiDes CCHDTV camera and DVB-T modulator DC-100 Full HD 1080P

HiDes CCHDTV camera and DVB-T modulator DC-100 (preliminary)

I received a HiDes DC-100 (US$250 for camera, $100 for lens) last week but did not have much time to set it up, other than to verify it works.

With a bit more time tonight I have a very nice Full HD image from it.

The lighting was bad, but a still a good clear image. The DC-100 transmits both a SD and HD channels as can be seen in the channel list. The camera is running on its default setting of 177 MHz, 6 MHz bandwidth, but over a cable with an attenuator. The image is 1080P 30 FPS. As a result there is some flicker from the 50 Hz lights.

I will put up some photos of the device and its internals later.

CCHDTV is an emerging standard of DVB-T cameras designed to run on existing coaxial systems in buildings and institutions. The devices all seem to be based on the ITE modulator chips. Google CCHDTV for more information.

The DC-100 uses a standard CCTV SDI camera, either 2 or 5 Megapixel, the converts the raw SDI stream to DVB-T with one of HiDes modulators using the ITE chips.

The DC-100 does not come with audio, as it is usually not permitted for CCTV. However HiDes have a mono audio card to allow its use for amateur DATV.

The DC-100 can be program for channel by two rotary switches at the back and band-width (6,7,8 MHz; which only suits some countries, like Australia). It is possible to change firmware via a micro SD card and all TX properties via some extra hardware through the return channel. It is on it's way.

The camera uses CS mount lenses, so it is possible to use good quality lenses.

All in all, the simplest and best quality way to do Full HD DVB-T DATV. Add some amplifiers and decent antenna and it makes a nice system.

I am more interested in the small signal side of DATV, picture quality, production software and the like.

More later.


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